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We are a family of pastors, churches, and leaders committed to building strong relationships, sharing resources, and helping start life-giving churches.

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We are better together.

We need relationships to thrive. We don’t want anyone to feel isolated in ministry. You need other people in your corner, who have gone through similar things that you’ve gone through, and believe in your dream. ARC provides opportunities for you to build relationships with others in ministry that will support and strengthen you in what God has called you to do. We encourage you to be as involved as you want to be and add your unique giftings to this big family.

Find Relationships

True relationship is the strength of the Church and any ministry.

By intentionally being engaged in events, gatherings, and connection points that ARC creates, you will draw strength from others, and provide it as well. This is the joy of not doing ministry alone.

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Find Resources

There are tremendous resources to draw from throughout the ARC Family.

We want to see pastors grow healthier as leaders because we know that is what makes churches thrive. We curate a wealth of teaching on various subjects relating to ministry and life using digital, print and external partnerships. We aim to cater these resources to the context and the needs of your local church.

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Find Opportunity

Be a part of a lasting legacy.

Not only will you have the opportunity to invest financially in planting and multiplying the local church, but you can invest your leadership giftings to help the local church thrive. There are opportunities to host events, speak at training events and conferences, provide your expertise, attend special events, and more.

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The ARC Family consists of a growing network of leaders from all around the globe.

Let's Do Life Together!

Come build new relationships and be more encouraged and excited about your calling than ever before.