What motivated you to plant your church in the city that you are in?
In the last census it was recorded that 31.8% of Edmonton didn’t have any religious affiliation. That is nearly 300, 000 people who are living without any faith system. We started a church to see that number get smaller. We started to give those who didn’t know that there was a choice in Jesus to choose Jesus. We frame it like this “What if the greatest choice you could ever make, you didn’t even know existed”.

What do you love about your church and community?
Seeing the desperation and motivation of our team as they use Discovery Church as a tool to help their friends, families, and co-workers discover Jesus.

What has been one of your greatest moments since planting your church?
The greatest moments are seeing the love and excitement that our children have for the church week after week.

What has been one of the toughest moments you’ve experienced in ministry?
In Ministry: Feeling alone on a large staffed church.

Since Launching Discovery: Staying positive as we see people who we love and who we have invested hours into, feel to move onto a different church family.

What is the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself or your church since you planted?
In myself, being ok not knowing everything that is happening at Discovery Church.

What do you want to share with someone thinking about becoming a church planter?
Lean into relationships even when you feel like you are the odd one out.

How has being a part of ARC impacted your life + family?
It’s the people who call ARC family who are the most impactful part of ARC. Having the ability to pick up the phone and call someone who is in the same stage or has experienced the same struggles as you or even to celebrate wins together is crucial.