Where Are They Now?

Andrew & Vanessa Hoyes


What motivated you to plant your church in the city that you are in?
God called us and gave us the city He was calling us to (when we had never even heard of Montreal)

What do you love about your church and community?
We love our city; it is creative, unique, diverse, open, and in desperate need of Jesus. And we love the people of our church…they are passionate, devoted, innovative and generous.

What has been one of your greatest moments since planting your church?
Experiencing the reawakening of people’s God-given dreams and activating them into their destiny.

What has been one of the toughest moments you’ve experienced in ministry?
The grief of leaving your home country, the challenges of cross-cultural ministry in French speaking Quebec, and the dynamics of raising teenagers in a church planting environment without the larger church environments.

What is the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself or your church since you planted?
We have grown wiser, more self-aware, more dependant on the Holy Spirit, and deeper in our relationships.

What do you want to share with someone thinking about becoming a church planter?

  • Get good people around you who will stand by you
  • Get a good therapist
  • Recognise you take ‘you’ with you as you plant so continue to pursue wholeness
  • Have another stream of income to support the financial stretch of the church planting season
  • Dig deep for courage and the vision of long term kingdom building

How has being a part of ARC impacted your life + family?
Planting with ARC gave us a brilliant planting strategy. It gave us the confidence for the ‘big ask’ around the vision.